This - is Vulos.
Web3.0 Identity for data protection
Products and Features
Vulos Identity
Verify your account without transferring the data to third parties

Certify documents

Save information authentic
Vulos Signature
Sign and send any document

Set personal rules for signing

Keep and use your ownership records / certifications / medical history safe anytime anywhere
Vulos Blockchain
Create enterprise grade, open source, blockchain and code bases to support business transactions

Work with Ethereum and Solidity compatible smart contracts

Provide low transaction costs
Coming soon
Vulos Metaverse
Experience virtual ownership with Vulos
Certify virtual land ownership

Convert your certificates to NFT

Connect your digital identity to gaming accounts through Vulos and earn trust scores

Prove your reputation with Vulos identity over the whole ecosystem of our solutions and partners’ products

Expand Vulos Use cases within Cryptonoids GameFi
Connect Vulos Identity to gaming accounts and earn trust scores

Customize NFT Cryptonoid characters

Prove your reputation over the whole ecosystem of Vulos solutions in and partners’ products in web 3.0

Create and swap Cryptonoid collections with other users

Cryptonoids is a blockchain game made for Vulos users.
Create a Vulos character and use it as your personal signature.
Token Utility
VULOS is the native token of the Vulos Ecosystem.
Pay for Vulos Signature, Identity Verifications and Authentications

Use VULOS to play Cryptonoids

Stake VULOS in pools

Receive Cashback
Vulos Team
Senior software engineer with over 8 years of experience specialized in web-based and blockchain technologies. Have been working with enterprise apps that scale to millions of users in many industries. Active open-source contributor for new technologies.
Gentian Elmazi
Agon Fejza
Engineer with over 12 years of experience as a front end developer and user interface. Have implemented various software solutions, websites, designs and modules on applications for both private companies and government institutions.
Product Analyst with over 10 years of experience in analysis and production of software products competing in Sales and Marketing automation market, Project Management etc. Fully incorporated in strategic business planning and product management, and responsible for delivering a quality product to market.
Mirjana Davcheva
Dario Grori
Product and UX/interface designer with 8 years of experience in software, mobile and web wire-framing and prototyping. Working with worldwide projects. Experienced in flat design video animation and visual effects in product promotion and explainers.
Ilir Tesho
Experienced Digital Marketing Specialist with over 8 years, with a demonstrated history of working in the software industry. Skilled in Advertising, Lead Generation, Email Marketing, and Marketing Strategy.
Anurag Garg
Full-stack developer with over 6 years of experience in working with Fintech Startups in India. Experience in developing solutions for Micro Financing Industries. Working as a Blockchain developer for more than 4 years.
Blockchain enthusiast and crypto community manager with more than 2 years of professional experience in building, communicating and creating creative marketing campaigns with different projects in the DeFi ecosystem.
Meli Fetaji
Avni Ramadani
Business Development Consultant with over 9 years of experience in supporting start-up companies in the services industry, such as fintech, real estate, fitness, healthcare, and eSports. Strong skills in managing projects on every level.
Vulos Platform Beta Release MVP

Vulos Signature launch
Vulos Signature Commercial Version

Vulos Widgets

Initial Marketing Campaigns

Initial Partnerships & Business Development
Vulos Signature 2.0

Vulos Identity 1.0

Vulos Merchandise

Browser Extensions
Vulos Signature 3.0

Vulos Identity 2.0

Wordpress Plugin

Vulos Staking
Cryptonoids GameFi Launch

Vulos Blockchain Launch
Web3.0 Identity for data protection
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